Ready to become the EXACT parent advocate your child needs?

The 2022 Parent IEP Advocacy Summit is your ticket to having a fully supported child this year!




Raise your hand if this sounds like you...

  • You feel like everything in the IEP (individualized education program) is confusing -- and you don't even know where to start to learn about it!
  • You feel discouraged and judged for asking questions -- but you don't know where else to ask for clarification on your child's educational plan!
  • You feel hesitant to ask for what your child needs because you feel you will be asking too much of the school -- but they deserve to be supported, too!
  • You are confused as to why some parents have a great IEP experience and others don't -- and a hint on what to ask for when would be helpful!
  • Your child is just not happy being at school -- but you just can't pull them and homeschool!
  • You know there is an easier way to work the system -- and getting exhausted fighting with the school team to get what your child needs!

It doesn't have to be that way!

Now imagine having 17 experts guiding you to become an effective advocate...

Here's what that would look like...

  • You walk into your IEP meeting with clarity and know what you are going to say to get your child the best supports and services
  • You are familiar with the process and know when something doesn't feel quite right -- and have the confidence to ask about it!
  • You get a draft IEP home before your next meeting and have confidence to know what to look for to see if it's an effective IEP!
  • You have a light heart knowing you are doing your very best to educate yourself and become the exact advocate your child needs to get what they need to learn!
  • You have knowledge of your parent rights and if they throw anything at you, you know where to look for answers and what you can do about it!
  • You no longer fear calls from the school because you know how to work to get a positive relationship with school team members, no matter what kind of support your child needs!

You deserve to feel this way as an advocate for your child, all you need is a little help!

What Was Your Biggest Takeaway from the Summit?


17 Speakers = 1 Informed Parent Advocate (YOU!!!)

I have gathered the best experts

to give you the most well rounded IEP information

to get you to the IEP table feeling confident

and get your child what they need to be supported to learn this year!

  • Welcome to the Summit! - Beth Liesenfeld, MOT, OTR/L
  • Parent Rights - Julie Carter, Special Education Attorney
  • The IEP Team - Christina Nelson, MA, CCC-SLP
  • Medical Mom IEP Paperwork - Suz Geoghegan, Medical Mom & Podcast Host
  • Alternative Communication - Courtney Burnett, SLPA & Special Needs Parent
  • Parent Advocacy in Re-evaluations - Chelsea DiMarzio, MA, CCC-SLP, WDP
  • Overview of IEP Sections - Vickie Brett & Amanda Selogie, SPED Attorneys
  • Behavior and the IEP - Connie Perskie Ms, CCC-SLP
  • Parent Input Statements - Jessica Beaty, SPED Consultant & Special Needs Parent
  • Evaluations for Neurodivergent Learners with Rebecca Beaudet, M.Ed., BCBA
  • Connecting Home & School - Abigail Wool-Biringer, MA, OTR/L
  • Communicating Behavioral & Medical Info to Your IEP Team - Dr. Nerissa Bauer, MD, MPH
  • Discovering How Your Child Learns - Staci Neustadt, MS, CCC-SLP
  • 6 Questions to Help Lead Collaborative IEP Meetings - Vaughn K. Lauer, Ph.D.
  • Behavior, Suspension, & Minority Advocacy - Deidra Thompson, Advocate
  • How to Work Through Barriers to Inclusion - Kathy Brill
  • 6 Steps to Teach Your Child Self-Advocacy - Bonnie Landau
  • Managing IEP Stress - Russell Soloman, LCAT, MT-BC
  • Having Hard IEP Conversations - Dana Kaplan, SPED Teacher
  • BONUS LIVE TRAINING: Is Your Child's IEP Effective (And What to Do if It's Not!) - Beth Liesenfeld, OT & IEP Coach

Here's what you'll get at the Parent IEP Advocacy Summit!

  • 17 actionable Summit Recordings with transcripts that give parents effective advocacy knowledge & strategies
  • Speakers include special education attorneys, advocates, special needs parents, speech language pathologists, special education teachers, occupational therapists, and more!
  • You'll love the private Facebook group for community and live Q&A's with speakers and raffle prizes!
  • Launch into this school year feeling like you are doing everything you possibly can for your kid in just 4 days!!
  • September 22-25th, 2022 (with options to extend access!)

Check Out The Speakers!

17 Speakers from Different Expert Areas!

Julie Carter

Special Education Attorney

Day 1: Parent Rights

Julie entered into the IEP world as a parent, and switched to providing special education services in her practice in Alabama. She speaks about why Parent Rights are important, where to find them, and hits the highlights!

Christina Nelson

Speech Therapist

Day 1: IEP Team Members

Christina has worked in Colorado, Kansas and Wyoming. She has participated in over a thousand IFSPs and IEPs! She teaches us about IEP team members and the difference between SPED and related service!

Suz Geoghean

Medical Mom, Podcast Host

Day 1: Medical Mom IEP Paperwork

Susan is the hostess When Autumn Comes Podcast and owner of Hope Full Company, LLC. She also has raised two incredible medically complex children. She talks about what is helpful to have for medically complex children.

Courtney Burnett

Speech Therapist, SPED Parent

Day 1: Alternative Communication

Courtney Burnett, SLPA is the founder of IEP In A DayTM. Courtney offers Personalized IEP Services. She talks today about what alternative forms of communication looks like in an IEP and how parents can request it and make sure it's used consistently in school!

Chelsea DiMarzio

Speech Therapist

Day 2: Advocacy in Reevaluations

Chelsea DiMarzio is a speech pathologist and certified dyslexia practitioner. She co-owns The LD Expert. She talks today about the reevaluation process and commonly missed opportunities for parent advocacy to get an effective IEP!

Vickie Brett & Amanda Selogie

Special Education Attorneys

Day 2: Overview of IEP Sections

Amanda and Vickie are civil rights lawyers and education advocates, founders of the Inclusive Education Project and hosts of the Inclusive Education Project Podcast. They give us a broad overview of the legal requirements in each main section of the IEP!

Connie Perskie

Speech Therapist

Day 2: Behavior and the IEP

Connie is the founder of Supportable Solutions and has 20+ years of experience in educational settings to provide insight, guidance, coaching, and support to school districts, agencies, and families across the country. She talks about behavior, specifically the FBA and BIP process!

Jessica Beaty

Master IEP Coach & Parent

Day 2: Parent Input Statement

Jessica is an autistic mom of 2, special education consultant and Master IEP Coach®, and founder of Jessica Beaty consulting. She speaks from her own experience and helping other parents by making sure they are heard in the meeting by writing a parent input statement!

Rebecca Beaudet

SPED Teacher & BCBA

Day 2: Evaluations for Neurodivergent Learners

Rebecca Beaudet, M.Ed., BCBA is an educator, advocate, behavior specialist, and the founder of The Com Collab, LLC.

Abigail Wool-Biringer

Occupational Therapist

Day 3: Connecting Home & School

Abigail Wool-Biringer is the CEO of Kids Empowered 4 Life and KE4L Consulting. She speaks to us about the difference between school and outpatient therapies as well as how to pick up on things you already do for your child and how to understand and work on IEP goals at home!

Nerissa Bauer

Behavioral Pediatrician

Day 3: Communicating Behavioral & Medical Info Between Home & School

Dr. Nerissa Bauer is a behavioral pediatrician in Carmel, Indiana. She is the CEO of Let's Talk Kids Health, LLC and created TEACH ME ADHD. She is also a spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics. She speaks about outside diagnosis and medications as well as how to best communicate between IEP teams and outside providers!

Staci Neustadt

Speech Therapist

Day 3: Discovering How Your Child Learns

Staci Neustadt CCC-SLP, is a Speech-Language Pathologist and CEO of Making Sense of Autism. She talks today about research-based forms (she is providing free!) to help with identifying your child's learning strengths and differences and how to communicate that with your IEP team!

Vaughn Lauer

Former Administrator, Advocate

Day 3: 6 Questions to Collaborative IEP Meetings

Vaughn K. Lauer, Ph.D. teacher/administrator at the school, local and state levels, author and presenter at the state, national and international conferences. He talks today about 6 questions you can ask to get the IEP team talking and get everyone focused on helping your child!

Kathy Brill

National Advocate & Parent

Day 4: Overcoming Barriers to Inclusion

Kathy Brill, M.Ed, MPS, is the founder of Brill Consulting LLC, and has decades of experience in helping parents support inclusion throughout the lifespan. She talks about her own inclusion efforts with her now-adult daughter and what main barriers are to inclusion and how she overcame them (and how you can, too!)

Deidra Thompson

Trainer, Parent, Advocate

Day 3: Behavior, Suspension, & Minority Advocacy

Deidra is a former trainer/parent advocate for the Oklahoma Parents Center. She is now the owner of Resolute Advocacy and Interventions. She is the mother of two teenage sons living extraordinary lives with autism. Her advocacy journey began with her sons and their experiences with IEPs/behavior/discipline. In her talk, she guides us through the suspension/appeals process and teaches parent rights as well as touching on the challenges of minority advocacy.

Russell Solomon

Art & Music Therapist

Day 4: Managing IEP Stress

Russ Solomon is the founder of InTune Parents and creator of "Empowering Special Needs Parents" a Facebook group. He speaks about different ways we react to stressful situations and speaks to an approach to overcome emotional barriers to advocacy.

Dana Kaplan

Early Childhood Teacher & Social Emotional Awareness Expert

Day 4: Having Uncomfortable IEP Conversations

Dana Kaplan (of is the creator of the "DEED" program. She talks today about how to have uncomfortable conversations which happen occasionally (or depending-perhaps frequently!) in IEP advocacy!

Bonnie Landau

Author, Parent, Advocate

Day 4: 4: 6 Steps to Teach Your Child Self-Advocacy

Bonnie Landau, APCC, PPS and educational advocate is the creator of the Special Mom Advocate blog and author of the Special Ed Mom Survival Guide. She speaks with us today about the importance of teaching children self-advocacy and the 6 steps or phases to get there!

Your child deserves this year to be the most supportive year yet!



And I can't wait to see your child thrive this year!!

I'm Beth Liesenfeld, occupational therapist and passionate supporter of parent advocacy!

In my time serving schools, I picked up on things successful parent advocates did that made a HUGE difference in the success of their children!

Join us for a SUPER fun filled weekend to launch yourself into effectively advocating for your child this year to get them learning without the fight!



  • You are a parent of a child with an IEP (individualized education program) in the US in the public (or public charter) schools
  • You have a child turning 3 and transitioning from the IFSP (early intervention) and pretty sure they will qualify for a school-based IEP
  • You are new or new-ish to the IEP system (within first 5 years)
  • You aren't new to the IEP system but feel like you need help with your child's IEP
  • You aren't sure what your role is as a parent advocate
  • You know your child isn't receiving the right supports
  • You are totally overwhelmed with the IEP system
  • You feel like your child has a "good" IEP but don't want to realize later you missed something!


  • You don't have an IEP for your child
  • You feel like you have a handle on this IEP thing!
  • You feel like your child's IEP supports your child well
  • You know your parent role well
  • You understand the IEP paperwork and are good to go!

You may be wondering...

Is this virtual?

Yes! All videos are posted on a webpage for 24 hours so you can watch them when you have time from any device!

How do I access videos?

Videos are posted on a web page for access and the link will be sent to you through your email!

How long do I have to watch the videos?

Each day of the conference is available for 24 hours that includes recordings of the sessions and transcripts of the sessions, then the next day will be posted!

Is the Facebook group and live Q&A free, too?

YES! You will receive a link through your email to join the free facebook group the week the conference starts! Select speakers have agreed to live Q&A's on the day their video is available! A schedule will be posted in the Facebook Group!

This is Too Good to be True! Is this a Scam and You Will Sell Our Email Address or Something?

No! 😂 The IEP Lab is on a mission to help as many parents get solid IEP plans for their child as possible! You will see on the next page an option to upgrade your ticket, but it's NOT required! The IEP Lab does NOT sell email addresses and protects your privacy!

Your child's learning time is too precious to waste!




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