Ready to know what's coming in the process

(and when to give your parent input?)

The IEP Process Step-By-Step Guide lets you stay one step ahead of the school IEP team in order to be heard in your next IEP!


Here's What You Get in the IEP Process Step-By-Step Guide!

  • A step-by-step timeline of an annual review//yearly IEP meeting
  • Finally see where is most effective to share your parent input in the process!
  • You will love the easy to read, easy to follow step-by-step format!
  • You will be amazed with how this step-by-step guide calms your nerves of what's coming next!

I can't wait to see you feel heard by your IEP team this year!

In my years of attending 80+ IEP meetings per year, I saw parents equipped with knowledge of the process get a better quality, highly effective IEP for their child.

I'm so excited you are here, as you are taking the first step towards becoming that knowledgeable advocate your child needs! I can't wait to see how this helps you learn and grow in your advocacy role!

Talk soon!

-Beth Liesenfeld, MOT, OTR/L

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Don't let another minute pass without knowing how the process should go...

...and when you should share your parent input! Download the IEP Process Step-By-Step Guide today!